Relevancy and Impact on Target Groups

The immediate target groups of the project activities are young scientists and postdoctoral students in scientific areas of PhD and postdoctoral level (collectively young scientists).

It is members of this target group that will be actively recruited, which will include broad national and international advertisement for job vacancies. Selection criteria will be based primarily on previous success and experience in scientific research, as demonstrated by letters of reference, scientific publications, participation in conferences and other forms of recognition.

Members of this target group have limited access to and thus a strong need for:

(a) educational professional training
(b) research program based on scientific excellence and technological relevancy
(c) Increasing visibility and integration of young scientists into European research area

The realization of the project goals will thus assist in solving the most important problems and needs of identified target groups.

The implementation of MIPoMat is also expected to result in less direct benefits for several other target groups. In the first instance each recruited scientist is expected to supervise a student in the bachelor or masters phase of their educational development, who will thus profit from the planned action.

The establishment of the network of young scientists will also serve to establish stronger connections between the team of senior scientists and help to capitalize upon complementarities in their skill profiles.

This will strengthen the interdisciplinarity of the team and improve future prospects for attracting European and/or industrial investment in their R&D activities. To this extent measurable benefits will be delivered to the relevant research divisions, the RBI and finally to RH.

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